Diverticular Disease Priority Setting Partnership








Bowel Research UK and Guts UK are collaborating on a Priority Setting Partnership for diverticular disease. We’re excited to work with Guts UK and interested patients, carers and healthcare professionals on this brand new project.

What is diverticular disease?

A diverticulum (or diverticulae if there are more than one) is a small out-pouching from the wall of the gut. They are usually found in the large bowel on the left side but can develop in any part of the gut. If these diverticulae cause symptoms, this is known as diverticular disease, and if they become infected or inflamed this is diverticulitis. Symptoms that arise from infection can include tummy pain, fever, constipation or diarrhoea, or blood in your stool. You can read more about diverticular disease here.

What is a Priority Setting Partnership?

A Priority Setting Partnership or PSP is a project that aims to discover the top ten research priorities for a health condition. It brings together patients, carers, researchers, and healthcare professionals to find out what really matters in a particular area. We are working with the James Lind Alliance to set up this PSP, which will identify and prioritise unanswered questions around diverticular disease. A PSP is just the beginning of research, as once the top ten priorities are identified, other researchers can use this to decide what to research in order to provide diverticular disease patients with the help they need the most.

How can you get involved?

We will send out surveys during the course of the project to find out what questions around diverticular disease patients, carers and healthcare professionals think should be answered through research. Join our PaRT network to receive email updates about this and other research opportunities.

We are partnering with Guts UK

Guts UK is the charity for the digestive system; the gut, liver and pancreas. Find out more here: Guts UK.