We’re compassionate because our work is a vocation.

We’re determined because we believe that research will one day hold the key to eradicating bowel cancer and bowel disease.

We’re influential, because – with our close ties to the ACPGBI and the National Bowel Research Centre – we are uniquely positioned to help patients, researchers, clinicians and scientists to transform people’s lives.

Why partner with Bowel Research UK:

  • We need your help to further our life-saving research
  • Bowel research is chronically underfunded and can affect anybody
  • We don’t receive any government funding
  • We have a track record of success
  • Together, we can make a difference

Email, Daniel, our Director of Engagement, Marketing and Income Generation to start your corporate partnership.



How your business and your colleagues can get involved:

Corporate donations

Whether you would like to give a one-off donation, fund an entire project or make a regular gift, your company’s support will go towards helping to change the lives of people living with bowel disease.

Charity of the Year partner

Choose or nominate Bowel Research UK as your company’s charity partner. We will work with you on a programme that will motivate and inspire your staff and clients, whilst helping to change the lives of people living with bowel disease.

We can provide information and advice on bowel issues

We deal with conditions that affect a wide proportion of the population, yet bowel conditions are rarely spoken about publicly due to sensitivities surrounding bowels. We have found various members of the general public approach us directly with questions about symptoms and conditions. Partnering with Bowel Research UK  gives your employees a direct point of contact for any queries.

Fundraising challenges to get staff motivated

We have guaranteed places in the top events across the country, from 10K races to marathons and cycling challenges. If you have employees who are looking for a challenge we will work with them to find an event that suits their needs or find a team challenge for a group, we can find you the perfect event!

Payroll Giving 

Payroll giving is a simple, tax-effective way for you to give directly from your payroll. It’s really simple to set up and because all the donations you make are deducted before you pay tax.

Matched funding

Many companies offer matched funding. This means they will match the amount of money that you have raised, up to a certain amount – a really effective way of boosting your fundraising!


Thank you to our amazing current and past Partners

Apollo is funding an event and film for the Bowel Research UK Microbiome Garden.

The Chuckling Goat have funded an event and film for the Bowel Research UK Microbiome Garden.

NEO Energy Upstream UK Limited gifted to our microbiome appeal.

The Syncona Foundation enabled us to fund an extra PhD in 2023. 

SurgEase fund our Festive Event and collaborates on our PPI work.

Bladonmore have offered pro-bono support to Auguts every year.

The MRC fund are one of our biggest funders of research via the UK Government COVID Medical Research Charity Support Fund.

We collaborate with Intuitive on our robotics research and they fund grants.

Olympus have funded our PPI work.


Join our incredible Corporate Partners.