Can I Butt In? The Bowel Research UK Podcast

Introducing our new podcast! It’s called “Can I Butt In?” and in each episode, we’re picking a topic and getting to the bottom of it with a special guest or two. Listen to it anywhere you get your podcasts from 27th September, with new episodes every other Wednesday.

You can also visit our Podbean podcast page to listen to all episodes of “Can I Butt In?” or use the player below:


You can read the transcripts for each episode at the following links:

001: Pelvic Exenteration 

Guests wanted!

For patients and the public

If there is a particular topic that is important to you and you would like to be on a podcast, please do get in touch. It might be relationships, communication, exercise, fashion, holidays, or anything else that has been impacted in some way by your bowel condition. Please fill in this form to tell us about it.

For researchers and clinicians

We’re excited to showcase your research through this podcast, so please get in touch if you would like to talk about your work on the podcast. Email sam@bowelresearchuk.org.