When we funded the GRANULE project in 2015, the team had a bold vision for new generation of surgical researchers drawn from all over the world. To achieve it, the right support and training needed to be made available to all.

Through a series of hands on workshops, GRANULE has gone on to train over 200 international medical students and doctors, equipping them with the technical and interpersonal skills needed to recruit patients into research trials.

The programme has been developed into an official National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) online training module to be used in medical schools.

Key to the initative’s success has been “flexible funding from Bowel Research UK, which has made all of this possible” – According to Simon Bach, one of the initiative’s founders.

Face to face courses have been delivered across Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

It is a phenomenal success helping to nurture a generation of research-ready surgeons. Surgical research is becoming something that we hope will happen every day in every hospital throughout the world.

Fantastic for this initiative’s development & growth to have been supported by Bowel Research UK over several years. GRANULE is now delivered through national teaching events, at international meetings, and online through the NIHR module. Thanks Bowel Research UK! Dmitri Nepogodiev
GRANULE Researcher