Funded through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), The National Bowel Research Centre is coordinating the largest programme of research into the treatment of chronic constipation in the NHS in the UK; Chronic Constipation Treatment PathwaY (CapaCiTY).

The aim is to determine the most effective treatments for improving constipation symptoms and quality and of life for individuals living with chronic constipation. The research will address the acceptability of these treatments to patients, cost of treatments to the NHS and also help to reduce variations in treatment across the country.

The programme includes three trials of non-drug therapies and will be recruiting around 800 people in more than 10 NHS centres nationwide.

CapaCiTY is focussed on the following criteria:

  • Ages 18-70 years
  • passing stool less often than you would like or have difficulty passing stool
  • symptoms of constipation for more than 6 months
  • changes to diet and lifestyle to manage your constipation
  • medication such as laxatives to relieve constipation

The trial is now closed for participants but we will report back on progress and findings in due course.