Grant Administration

The Grant holder and PI or other institutional representative must formally accept the Grant by returning a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions thereby agreeing to adhere to the grant conditions. Following the award of a Grant, the research must commence within the timescales set out in the Grant Award Letter. Failure to do so, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Bowel Research UK, may risk withdrawal of the grant. No money will be paid until the Grant has been formally accepted by the submission of the terms and conditions and notification of the start date. Bowel Research UK must be informed of any proposed changes to the Grant start date.  All expenditure must be in accordance with the agreed budget, as set out in the Grant Award Letter.

Grant Extensions

Requests for no-cost extension spending periods beyond the agreed end date of the Grant may be approved in writing where there are no financial implications for Bowel Research UK and the scientific reasons for the request are justified. The reasons that we may approve a no-cost extension spending period of a Grant may include (but are not limited to):

  1. covering maternity, paternity, or sick leave,
  2. disruption due to an unusual situation, such as COVID-19

Any extension to the Grant Period must be applied for in writing and will be approved by the Director of Research and PPI.

Download sample no cost extension form