10 December 2020

Professor Chris Whitty has become a household name this year, leading the UK’s public health response to the coronavirus pandemic.

But this week the nation’s Chief Medical Officer found time to turn his attention to the fight against bowel cancer.

In a lecture for Gresham College, where he is Gresham Professor of Physic, Prof Whitty emphasised the vital importance of screening and early diagnosis in successfully treating the disease. The talk was part of the excellent Gresham College series called Cancer: A Fight We Are Steadily Winning.

Prof Whitty’s speech gives an expert overview of how bowel cancer develops and how it can be treated. He also urges anyone who has symptoms to visit a GP, and never to ignore your national screening kit.

Reaction on social media was extremely positive, with many reinforcing Prof Whitty’s message:

The full lecture is available on Gresham College’s YouTube below: