16 November 2020

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) affects people of all backgrounds. However a number of factors, like language and culture, mean some parts of the community have different experiences or are underrepresented in research studies.

A new study funded by Bowel Research UK at the University of Greenwich is exploring the experience of British-Bangladeshis having NHS treatment for IBD.

There is little research on the particular needs of Bangladeshi patients with IBD, and none with patients who do not speak much English.

The team will conduct a series of interviews in either English, Bengali or Sylheti to improve our understanding of this group of patients and how their care can be improved, and how participation in research can be encouraged in future.

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You can download a full information sheet for the project here

To request further information, please contact Dr Salina Ahmed, 07713448938; s.ahmed@greenwich.ac.uk