16 September 2020

Guide for patients undergoing surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bowel Research UK are proud to share with you the first CovidSurg Patient Information Booklet: Having an operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This booklet has been created to help patients and their families understand the risks of having an operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding the effects of COVID-19 on surgical patients is the CovidSurg study’s main focus so what is more important than disseminating the results to the patients themselves?

This booklet has been created by working closely with a Patient Advisory Group to address the questions they asked.

Written from a patient perspective, it aims to:

  • help patients understand what it will be like to have surgery,
  • what decisions they will need to make with their surgeon and it also
  • acts as an informative and reliable ‘aide-memoire’ to help ask more questions of health professionals during the pandemic.

The versions we are sharing today are in English and designed for UK context but most of the information is widely applicable.

The CovidSurg Public and Patient Involvement team will work with the Dissemination committee to bring translated information very soon to patients across the CovidSurg network.


Bowel Research UK were delighted to be asked to form the Patient Advisory Group that helped to compile this information.

“We are delighted to be working with CovidSurg to help them produce a range of patient resources for people facing surgery at this difficult time." Lesley Booth
Director of Research, Bowel Research UK

“Involving our People and Research Together network to work alongside the CovidSurg research team, we have produced an information booklet that will be a truly informative resource. We are really pleased that it will be used by the NHS to help relieve patient anxiety when facing surgery, supporting patients to make the right choices for them.”

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