26 July 2021

Few conditions are more distressing than chronic bowel incontinence. People affected can see their lives and self-esteem shattered, and worst of all the few options for treatment offer no guarantee of success.

Bowel Research UK are delighted to be part of an EU-funded project to develop a new stem-cell treatment for bowel incontinence – bringing hope to patients in desperate need. You can find out more about the potentially revolutionary AMELIE project below:

Bowel Research UK’s role in the project is to drive patient and public involvement – an element which will be crucial to its success. You can help us by sharing this video on social media!

While faecal incontinence is often a ‘hidden’ problem, with many people preferring not to talk about it due to shame or stigma, it is quite common – with an estimated 1 in 10 people in the UK affected.

We really want to raise awareness of the problem as well as spread the word about this exciting research that could make such a huge difference to people’s lives.