“In 2021, I faced a life-threatening crisis due to diverticulitis, a lesser known bowel condition that led to sepsis and emergency surgery. This experience, during the Christmas period and lockdown restrictions, was incredibly challenging.

This Christmas, I urge those with bowel issues to seek help if they experience symptoms like sudden abdominal pain. Early detection can make a significant difference. Diverticulitis affects a large portion of the UK population, yet awareness and research are limited.

Please watch my video below to hear my story.”

Merry Christmas, Eric

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Your support has enabled Bowel Research UK to launch an international research project, “DAMASCUS,” led by Mr. Dale Vimalachandran, a consultant colorectal surgeon. This study aims to improve diverticulitis treatment worldwide.

Diverticulitis is a lesser known but potentially fatal bowel disease, often overlooked. Early detection is crucial for easier treatment and to save lives. Despite diverticular disease affecting over 50% of the UK population by the time people reach 50 years old*, many remain unaware of it.

Dale’s study has already recruited over 6,000 patients worldwide, making it one of the largest ever studies for this condition.

Bowel Research UK is also funding a priority-setting partnership into diverticular disease that will set the patient priorities around bowel disease and will help researchers understand what matters to people with diverticular disease.

By donating today, you can help save lives and improve outcomes for people like me who suffer from diverticulitis.

* Royal College of Surgeons Commissioning Guide for Colonic diverticular disease Published 2014 NICE accredited.