Thank you very much for visiting my fundraising page for Bowel Research UK! nI'm taking on an inspiring challenge - the London Marathon 2024 - to raise £2,500 for Bowel Research UK. My battle with Crohn's since 2005, along with kidney disease and a transplant, has ignited my determination to make a real impact.nBowel disease and bowel cancer is a growing threat, affecting lives worldwide. By supporting Bowel Research UK, you're funding research that tackles this disease head-on. nBowel Research UK's funds research into potential cures for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel disorders. BRUK focuses on early-grant research and hard-to-fund projects otherwise struggling for conventional backing, such as studying experiences of inflammatory bowel disease among BME patients: https://lnkd.in/erEw8mcannHow You Can Make a Difference:nPlease consider donating. For instance, you may donate 26 GBP (one pound for each mile!) or 42 GBP (one for each km!). nnI will: nn1) share stories of this two decades long battle n2) share my running progress! nnThank you so much!

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Name: London Marathon 2024

Date: 21st April 2024

Fundraising target: £2500

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currently achieved of £2500 target