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Hello everyone, I set up this page as a monetary equivalent to my hair donation for The Little Princess Trust.  Soon I will be donating around 14 inches of my hair to TLPT to aid them in making wigs for children who unfortunately require a wig due to cancer. This is a little side project of sorts, for a charity that aims to help with a cause close to mine and my family's heart. My grandad, Ray, was sadly taken from us by bowel cancer. His diagnosis, tests and surgery all took place within 3 months. He had been diagnosed with both bowel and kidney cancer. However he lost his battle to the bowel cancer whilst still in hospital. With more research into bowel cancer it would've been easier for people such as my grandad to be diagnosed earlier and hopefully treated with a less risky procedure. 

When he got diagnosed with cancer and after being told he would most likely have to go through chemotherapy, he told me and my sister he wanted a big Cher wig. He then changed it to a Tina Turner one instead. Although he was joking it made me realise the importance of hair to someone who loses it without a choice, especially children. That's the reason I'm actually donating my hair. I hope to give someone the joy of having something they should have if it weren't for this horrid disease. To me, my hair isn't too important however I use it to express myself. I can't begin to imagine what it's like to not even have that option through absolutely no fault of your own. 

So far I have not set a date for the donation of hair as I'm still arranging it. Even though this page is for a different charity I've combined the two as my reason for having this drastic cut. If you want to donate directly to The Little Princess trust please do use the link to do so: 


Any help or donation is greatly appreciated. I'll update this page when I know specific details of the hair donation. 

Thank you for visiting the page and thank you for your donations ❤

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Name: Haircut for further research

Date: 17th August 2020

Fundraising target: £150

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