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I hope to raise funds for research into bowel diseases and cancers by shaving the hair I've grown for the last 20 years. The funds will go to Bowel & Cancer Research and my hair will be donated to a children's wig charity.

Bowel diseases are far more common than people tend to think. A lot of sufferers still manage to work through their day-to-day lives with the outside world completely oblivious to their illness and huge personal life changes that take place. Other sufferers, sadly, don't make it that far.

Mis-diagnoses are rife and a lack of medical understanding has led to terrible consequences for many.

Any donation at all is massively appreciated.

EDIT: The chop will happen on 14th March and I'll do a video too.

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Name: Mullan's Magnificent Mane Shave

Date: 14th March 2020

Fundraising target: £1000

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currently achieved of £1000 target