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Look at the state of me in the photo. Steroids piled the weight on. My head is 10 times the size it was. I have difficulty getting through doorways 😂😂. This is me at Bovey Castle for posh tea as part of my ‘bucket list’ 

Without wishing to moan on I have had a pretty rough couple of years firstly with the sudden death of my sister in 2017; my mother suffering dementia, in a Home, and no longer knowing who I am; myself being diagnosed with heart failure in April last year due to an ‘out of the blue’ enlarged heart; a further diagnose of sarcoidosis of the lung in July last year; a pacemaker/defibrillator being fitted in January this year and then, after having to travel 250 miles from my home in Devon to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead,London to try to get help with my sarcoidosis (and getting very homesick in the process !), only being told that bowel cancer was detected with secondary in my liver following a thorough scan.

Apart from that I’m fine 😂😂I used to be so fit ! Just unlucky I guess and let’s face it there are people far worse than me in the world.

I’m only 54 but being divorced, with my sister dying suddenly at only 54 and my mother not knowing who I am, I have no family left although must admit have the best friends in the world who are rallying around. The local Hospice here in Torbay , Rowcroft, have been unbelievably helpful too which has become most comforting.

I haven’t mentioned all that for sympathy (well maybe a teeny weeny bit never hurts!) but it has been a very rough time and I have been told in the last month that as my heart is weak I can have no operations, chemotherapy or radiotherapy which is a bit of a blow as all I can do now is wait and try and get as much out of my remaining life as possible.

To try and turn despair to positivity and try and rise above it all (very surreal!) I have this idea of writing to people I admire and respect to ask them to send a few (or lots !) , simple choice words as a sort of positive mantra on how they may view life, or perhaps a favourite upbeat quotation, favourite saying, perhaps funny signed with maybe the addition of a doodle. A comment on how we can all try harder to preserve the world maybe ! I would then like to collect these together in a book (or small publication if my idea is not as successful as I would hope !!) and sell to raise money for bowel cancer research or simply to aid cancer research in general. It is such a cruel disease and so many families are affected. 

So far I have contributions from Joanna Lumley, Julie Walters, Jo Brand , Judi Dench and Prunella Scales which was very kind and good of them but the whole thing has turned out to be slow going and I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew but will persevere. Some just haven’t replied but I know how busy the entertainment industry is so that could delay things. Whether I have time to complete this project before the inevitable happens I don’t know but I thought I’d try and raise some funds for Bowel Cancer Research via Just Giving in the meantime

My mobility is very restricted but if I can try and do some sponsored things (or if anyone can come up with ideas and how to get me involved (I have a wheelchair for pushing from Lands End to John O’Groats please let me know)). I am willing to be pushed as that means I have the easy bit !

I never use Facebook so hope people who may know me from the past and people who are familiar now may be able to add a shekel or two to my charitable fund

I believe people ‘share’ comments so if you think it appropriate please do. The more the merrier! 

I will try and update things as I go and if I can work it out. Hoping this post will show up with some people’s Facebook pages 

Please contact me if you have any queries. E Mail is mitchy93@live.co.uk and mobile 07888969203

Hoping to get a bit raised else I shall feel very sad  & possibly a bit stupid and we wouldn’t want that would we?

Thank you in anticipation xx

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Name: Mitchy's Boost for Bowels

Date: 25th May 2019

Fundraising target: £3000

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