My partner and my dad have both been diagnosed with serious conditions in the past year. My partner has Ulcerative Colitis and my dad has bowel cancer. nBoth of these conditions have changed their lives and will continue to require ongoing treatments to manage them. That's why I'm raising money for Bowel Research UK, a charity that researches treatments and cures for bowel cancer, raises awareness, and helps support people with the conditions. nHearing this news, and being helpless against these conditions has been difficult and raising this money feels like a way to help, however small. To support the cause, I'm taking on the challenge of climbing the National 3 Peaks in 4 days from September 12th - 15th 2023. nI'm doing this because I want to help contribute to finding new treatments that could change my fiancé's and dad's lives, as well as the lives of others who are struggling with these conditions. My goal is to raise £500 for Bowel Research UK, please help me get there.

currently achieved of £500 target