I am running the Royal Parks Half marathon on the 8th October 2023 in support of Bowel Research UK. This will be my first half marathon distance and I am slightly nervous to say the least but I am super

Our lovely mum, Dottie, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in August 2022. She had not been feeling well for a while and thought that it was either due to her thyroid condition or possibly the effects of COVID. After various blood tests and a colonoscopy, on the 29th July 2022 we received the news that she had a tumour and subsequently bowel cancer was diagnosed on the 12th August 2022. To say we were devastated is an understatement, every family dreads hearing the word “cancer”. On the 10th September, she underwent surgery to remove part of her colon and even sent us a photo of herself following the surgery lying in her hospital bed. A CT scan confirmed that it had not spread to her lymph nodes. Shortly afterwards, we received the news that she was cancer free.

Throughout this whole period, our very brave mum was positive and told my sister and I that there was no point worrying until there was something to be worried about. She was fearlessly brave and is now back to her normal self, just full of more energy.

I want to bring awareness as symptoms can make this disease a difficult one to diagnose. I consider that we have been very lucky and because mums symptoms were picked up so early, she was able to beat this and make a full recovery.

In addition to my mum, we also have a very good friend, Piers, who has suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years. A few years ago he had major surgery which had a huge impact on every day life. He is currently in hospital having been incredibly unwell and undergoing yet more painful life-changing surgery. He is incredible brave, always positive and in our thoughts even more so at this moment. 

Bowel Research UK is funding life-changing research into bowel cancer and other bowel diseases. Every year over 16,000 people die from bowel cancer in the UK and over a million suffer from bowel disease. By researching cutting edge treatments and investing in the best science, we are saving and improving peoples lives. Bowel Research UK was founded in 2020 following a merger between two well-respected charities: Bowel & Cancer Research and Bowel Disease Research Foundation (BDRF). We are the UKs leading specialist bowel cancer and bowel disease research charity and our research is saving and improving lives.

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Name: Royal Parks Half Marathon 2023

Date: 8th October 2023

Fundraising target: £1000

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