A couple of years ago my father-in-law, Tony was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was a massive shock for the whole family. A large tumour was found and he had to have pretty major surgery to have it removed. As is often the way with cancer, just as we thought he was out of the woods. 3 years post-op, all was looking well. 

Then, in January, after his 'last' yearly scan, he was made aware that they had found some masses on his liver. These were secondaries from his bowel cancer. 

Tony has just finished his last round of chemo before surgery. He's due to have surgery and then another round of chemo. 

This horrific disease has destroyed so many families. Tony and the family have done an amazing job fighting and making sure that they stay positive. 

I want to raise as much money as I can to help fight this horrific disease. 

Any amount, no matter how much would be greatly appreciated!

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Name: Royal Parks Half Marathon 2023

Date: 8th October 2023

Fundraising target: £700

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currently achieved of £700 target