nI am raising awareness of bowel-related conditions to the WCBT’s objectives, and it is a privilege to do so with our new charity partner Bowel Research UK.nSo here I am in 2023, planning the 7th World Club Basketball Tournament, being hosted on the 9th & 10th September in Hasting, Sussex where we will be promoting the good work BRUK do, and engaging with people through the sport of basketball.nThrough a series of talks and discussions over the course of the weekend, we aim to make the ‘uncomfortable, comfortable’ because it’s not always easy to talk about our bowels or our personal health.nIf you’d like to come along and support the Tournament and give the teams a cheer we’d love to see you. Please visit the website (https://worldclubbasketballtournament.com) to book tickets or find more information.

currently achieved of £500 target