It’s wintertime and we all need an energy boost in our everyday life.

Get active, healthier, and make a difference by joining our 42,000 Steps Challenge today.

With your help we can end bowel cancer and bowel disease.



Please note:

Currently, this event is only open to the staff of Barclays.

The event will become available for the general public in January 2021


What is the 42,000 Steps Challenge?

Each year, 42,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK – it is the second largest cause of cancer death.

We are challenging you and your colleagues to walk or run 42,000 Steps in aid of Bowel Research UK.

By taking part in this challenge you will be supporting those people who are living with this brutal disease and you will help us to save and change their lives.

Take part as an individual or a virtual team walking or running your 42,000 steps (c.18 miles/32km) at your own pace and in your own time anywhere you like.

It could be at your local park, up and down the stairs, on the school run or to the supermarket.

Get moving and help us to change the future for those living with bowel cancer and bowel disease!

About Bowel Research UK

Bowel Research UK funds the best research into bowel cancer and bowel diseases across the UK. By funding cutting edge research and investing in the brightest and best clinical and laboratory researchers, we’re saving lives and improving people’s quality of life.

So far, we have invested over £9 million directly into research projects tackling bowel cancer and bowel disease. With your support we can do much more.

Every mile you walk, and every penny you raise will help us end bowel cancer and bowel disease.

How does the 42,000 Steps Challenge work?

Follow these steps to get started with your challenge:

  1. Register your information to sign up for the challenge. Click here.
  2. Decide your challenge (what activity/where/when) and your fundraising target– if you need help please get in touch with marialuisa@bowelresearchuk.org. We’d love to help you with some ideas.
  3. Head to the Just Giving fundraising page to add your donation – there is one page for all Barclays Staff: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/42kstepchallenge
  4. Ask all your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you- by sharing the above JustGiving Page Link
  5. Track your progress (i.e. your smart phone or Strava free app)
  6. Let everyone know about your challenge and why you are supporting us, by sharing photos and videos on your social media.
  7. Complete your challenge and thank everyone who supported you.

What will I receive?

The first 100 people to register for this event will receive:

  • A Bowel Research UK T-shirt
  • A Fundraising Pack – with all the useful tips you’ll need to smash your fundraising target
  • A free fibre bar – a super yummy and healthy snack kindly provided by the amazing ‘Gut Stuff’
  • A complimentary Gut Stuff Diary – to track your gut health journey, your food, mood, hydration
  • Certificate of recognition – to tell everyone the difference you are making
  • Lots of FUN!


Webinar with The Gut Stuff

Thursday 12th November 2pm – 3pm

The Gut Stuff was launched in 2017, following founders Alana and Lisa Macfarlane’s participation in a ground-breaking piece of research into whether gut health is determined by genetics or environmental factors, led by expert in genetics and nutrition Professor Tim Spector of Kings College London.

Please see the Barclays Intranet for details on how to log in to this event 

They’ve since grown an expert team of scientists, nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors to keep us all on the right side of the tracks when it comes to raising awareness and empower everyone to make better everyday choices for their health.

It’s this passion to make fundamental change that is at the core of everything The Gut Stuff does.

Bowel Health - Why is this important?

Join the co-founders of The Gut Stuff plus there in-house head of nutrition to hear all things digestive health from gut bacteria, IBS, why exercise is good for our gut and what on earth is this kombucha lark?

In just an hour you’ll be “gutting to know”

  • What exactly is the gut and where’s the science at?
  • Microbiome? Huh?
  • Gut basics we can all switch into our lives
  • Exercise and why it’s not just about food
  • How to live that good gut life

And also ask them anything you like!

How will the miles be tracked?

  • Use your smart phone or smartwatch/fitness tracker to record your steps and make sure to share your pictures of your progress on social media.
  • Sign up to fitness-tracking and social media free apps such as Strava. Especially recommended for fundraising groups, this app will measure distance, time, elevation gain, calories and route and show the mileage you are covering every time you walk. Please get in touch if you require guidance on how to use it.

Why is the work of Bowel Research UK important?

We believe that a cure for bowel cancer and effective treatments to mitigate, or entirely eradicate, other bowel diseases remains possible – but only if we continue to fund leading research and invest in our scientific and medical communities today to see the benefits tomorrow.

That’s why we’re working with some of the best clinicians – including surgeons, academics, researchers and scientists, to help explore new ideas and techniques to further our work.

A few key facts:

  • 1M people live with a serious bowel condition.
  • Bowel Cancer – 42,000 new cases diagnosed each year
    • it’s the 2nd largest cause of cancer deaths (behind lung cancer)
    • it’s treatable and curable especially if diagnosed in the earliest stage
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis): up to 300,000 sufferers in the UK from these conditions
    • IBD is primarily a disease of the young (mostly diagnosed between at 10-35 years of age)
    • Causes of both these diseases are at present unknown and there is currently no cure.


You must follow Government laws and guidelines on exercise and social distancing at all times.

Our challenge will launch on Thursday 12th November 2020 at a live webinar and Q&A session hosted by The Gut Stuff but you can undertake your challenge whenever is most convenient for you.

Virtual Fundraising Group

If you want to spice it up, get your best buddies at work to form a virtual group with you and challenge the rest of your colleagues to win the ‘Best Fundraising Team’ award.

How will I make a difference?

Taking part could change the future for those living with bowel cancer and bowel disease.

  • £100 could help to buy essential equipment for our research laboratories (i.e. essential chemicals, test tubes/Plasticware, etc.)
  • £500 could help in supporting one of our awareness campaigns about the importance of early diagnosis of bowel cancer
  • £1,000 could help to support a PhD student whose work could lead to major new clinical trials and better treatments