Barclays 42,000 Steps Leader board


Please submit your progress with the 42,000 Step Challenge by completing this short form:

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Please only submit your steps – once a week – ideally on a SUNDAY 

Please remember to encourage your friends, family, colleagues to sponsor you on the JustGiving page dedicated to this event:


Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who has registered to take part in this event – we really do appreciate your support and efforts, particularly in this difficult time.

The progress thus far is as follows:

Position Name Department/Team Number of Steps  Challenge Virtual Group
1 Donna Brinklow Client Services 767,254 Frankly “We would walk 500 steps”
2 David Brown Merchant Services 713,564
3  Sarah Tamblingson Chief Control Office 689,934
4 Nicola Anderson Merchant Servcies 465,373
5 Lisa Pearson Barclaycard 444,450 Frankly “We would walk 500 steps”
6 Caroline Lane BPI 441,235
7 Pam Rossinelli Barclaycard 421,193 Frankly “We would walk 500 steps”
8 Emma Honey Merchant Services 413, 497 Frankly “We would walk 500 steps”
9 Mark Hewitt Barclaycard – Barclays Payments Issuing 400,041 Frankly “We would walk 500 steps”
10 Pete Griffiths BM Team 348,787 BM Team 42k challenge

Last updated: 26th January 2021


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