I was diagnosed with ischaemic colitis in 2017.

I was diagnosed with ischaemic colitis in 2017. Since then I’ve upped my intake of fruit and vegetables. A year after I had another bout and again lost 3kg over a 36-hour period of constantly going to the toilet and eventually passing blood.

I’m grateful that it’s no worse than this and since 2018 I’ve not had it quite so badly. However each time I lose between 2-3 kg and find peppermint tea and starvation over a 36-72 hr period clears it up without the need for antibiotics.

I have just received the results of the bowel screening and am diagnosed as clear, for which I’m grateful as both my maternal grandmother and her mother died of bowel cancer. Personally, I’ve ongoing treatment for a mutated cancer of the lung and struggle to put on weight, so it’s an inconvenience. Currently, I’m only just above being anorexic according to weight and height.

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