Let's end bowel cancer and bowel disease

Bowel Research UK is a national medical research charity dedicated to funding new treatments and potential cures for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel disorders. The charity’s goal is to save lives while also enabling people living with chronic bowel conditions to enjoy a much better quality of life.

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Let's end bowel cancer & bowel disease.

Our Research

We fund cutting-edge medical research projects that have the potential to go from the laboratory bench all the way through to the patient’s bedside.  Currently we fund 59 research projects but are looking to grow this number as we raise new funds.

The charity, guided by experienced Trustees along with our Grants Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee, that include practising bowel surgeons and other senior health professionals, carefully evaluates applications for funding from individual academic researchers and small research teams that have the potential to become breakthrough cures and treatments for bowel disorders.

Bowel Research UK is not risk averse. We actively support promising but early stage projects that typically do not come within the orbit of other funding sources. The bulk of our individual grants are around £50,000 which is usually sufficient for proof of concept.  We are also keen to support the next generation of bowel disease experts and to this end we fund annually PhD awards.

Our goal is to fund our projects through to the point where larger funding bodies, including commercial pharmaceutical companies, can add their financial muscle and developmental expertise to achieve scale. Out of tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow.

42,000 people diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK 300,000 people in the UK are living with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 1 million people live with a serious bowel condition £9million we've invested in research over the past 10 years

Our volunteer fundraisers

We are enormously grateful to all our supporters and fundraisers. Here are some of the latest funding raising events where volunteers are kindly devoting their time and energy to raise money on our behalf.