Hi Folks,

Thanks for visiting my page, particularly with so many other very worthy causes all vying for attention. As many of you may know we lost dear old Dad (the king you see on the cover photo) back in 2016 to bowel cancer. It was a very quick decline and as such, a bit of a shock.

Advanced bowel cancer has pretty poor survival rates, and Bowel and Cancer Research are committed to understanding why this is, and what we can do to prevent this high mortality rate. Having watched a very healthy, and consistently joyful person fade away so very quickly, I can think of no better way of spending money than to put it towards a cause that may prevent this happening to others.

I have run marathons before, certainly, however, this was about 10 years ago and both legs were intact, so i suspect that trekking 26 miles around Brighton on September 20th this year will be more challenging than previously. Last year I had a ligament repaired in my knee, after a really pathetic skiing fall, and it took much effort, frustration and rehabbing to even run 1 mile, let alone a marathon. 

So in conclusion, any contribution you can make towards bowel cancer, and the complete destruction of my left knee would be truly highly appreciated and may just get me across the finish line. Because healthy bowels are not to be sniffed at.

Stay safe out there peeps. Cords xxx

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Name: Brighton Marathon 2021

Where: Brighton

Date: 12th September 2021

Fundraising target: £1000

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currently achieved of £1000 target